Salvage Competition & Trashion Show

Vintage Festival Salvage is a fantastic competition aimed at 14 to 21 year olds, to design an outfit or garment using  anything they already have, great finds from charity shop bargain hunting or raids on other people’s wardrobes!

It’s about cutting up an old t shirt, some old jeans and giving them a new life. Making something different that is unique to you.

From the entries, we will put as many of the outfits as we can into a fantastic Trashion Show , at St John’s School on Saturday 13th November.

All the proceeds from sponsors and ticket sales will go directly to Charlie’s Charity & St John’s School.

You can model the outfit or item  yourself, or choose someone else to do it for you, it’s a great way of getting your designs in front of people and showing what you can do and  if you are interested in working or studying  fashion or design, then this could be a great start.You could use your design in your portfolio and it will also give you a chance to see what other people are doing too!

To enter simply, make a simple sketch of your idea and tell us a little bit about it and then either deliver it to:

The Salvage Competition Entry Box at St John’s School, from 6th September onwards

or email it to us here

or post to Kaya Consultancy, Harrow Studios, Harrow Farm, Marlborough, Wiltshire.SN8 3HT